Here at Casa Caiçara we value every detail to make your stay an unforgettable experience. That's why we offer you our exclusive stewardship services.

Even before you check in, we will be working to satisfy your wishes. You will receive a brief form to fill out with some of your preferences, and our team will do everything possible to attend you.

If you desire a massage, to be even more relaxed, our stewardship service will provide one for you.

To go on local tours, we will be your guide, ready to indicate the best options according to your profile, hire transporation and make reservations, so you have the best treatment.

If you desire a special lunch or dinner, our stewardship service will be available so that it is amazing and surprising.

Besides that, if you wish for a special celebration, we can prepare luaus, themed parties with regional foods, weddings, cooking lessons, capoeira presentations, fishing, or whatever activities you may desire.

Your satisfaction is our main goal, so we will do everything that is in our reach to acheive it!