Here you will enjoy an ecological paradise, in a preserved area by the National Park of Jericoacoara, surrounded by beautiful places full of history.

Leisure activities

Here you will find many leisure options, from peaceful to adventurous activities.

It all depends on what you prefer. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a walk on the beach, wet your feet, feel the wind blowing on your skin and listen to the ocean...
  • How about a caipirinha or coconut water facing the beach, on a deck with a swimming pool and lounge chairs for you to enjoy the dolce far niente...
  • When you want something more radical, take some kitesurfing lessons.
  • Or, get on a sandboard and slide through the dunes.
  • There is wifi internet all over the hotel, for those who like being connected all the time.
  • TV room with SKY and games to have fun with friends and family.

Well being

Even when you think everything is perfect, it can always get even better!

So why not enjoy a relaxing massage? It can be on the porch of your bungalow, by the beach or beneath a tree on the garden...

Contact our stewardship service and book one!

Local tours

There are tours for all different tastes. Most of them are on buggys or ATVs, through the dunes, beaches and even dirt roads.

One of the most famous is the tour to Lagoa do Paraíso, or Paradise Lagoon.

The path through the dunes makes you feel like you are in the middle of a desert, and whe you arrive at your final destination, you will understand its name.

The tour to Tatajuba is enchanting!

Have you ever seen a sea horse?

If you are excited to even just think about it, save some time for this tour.

You will pass through a village that has been completley covered by the dunes... Yes! You will be on top of a city that dissapeared in the 80s...

And there is also the Pedra Furada, a beautiful postcard of Jericoacoara, where the sun sets inside the stone's hole in July and August. If you have the energy, bring your sneakers and go trekking... The contrast of the local vegetation and the ocean is simply breathtaking.

Come and watch a rare event in Brazil: the sun setting in the ocean, at the Duna do Pôr do Sol, or Sunset Dune. If you prefer a location with less people, you can watch it from the Morro do Serrote.

And how about an ATV ride through the dunes of Barrinha, a tiny fisherman village that cultivates the simplicity of caiçara lifestyle.

At night you can go to Jeri, have a caipirinha in some of the charming bars in the village, and get to know the irresistible local shops.

All these experiences, and many others, may be booked by our stewardship service, at Casa Caiçara.