Preá Beach is considered one of the best spots in the world for kitesurfing. Here, wind is guaranteed almost the entire year.

If you already a kitesurfer, here you can bring your girlfriend to learn how to sail or to watch and photograph you from the swimming pool, with lots of comfort.

Is you still don't know kitesurf, come here and have a new experience, learn more about this aquatic sport that uses a wing to capture wind force and a board to make you slide over the sea.

Casa Caiçara offers courses for beginners, contact us for more information.

Classes can be taken in front of the hotel, with no need to go to another location, and at the end of your class, a fresh coconut and swimming pool await you.

The perfect combination of adventure and comfort.


Casa Caiçara will reccomend you the best places to practice and take Windsurfling classes or rent equipments. Contact us for more information.